Valentia Slate sundial Kerry Group headquarters
Valentia Slate sundial

Valentia Slate Sundial, Kerry Group Headquaters, Melinnium Park, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Artwork concept by Sue Lamon-Diver, Project management by Emerson Palmer of InnerWorkings, Terracotta plates by Hannah Arnup and John Egan of Ballymorris Pottery in Co Clare, Project drafting and sundial design by sundial maker Cormac Lalor.

All sundial components quarried and honed by Valentia Slate Ltd, Chapter ring segments engraved by French sculptor Alain Gargam.

True North survey by Murphy Surveys Ltd of Kilcullen, Mosaic laid by Tim Kruger’s Tiling Service

Six hundred plus handprints of its Naas workers were make on terracotta plates. Plates were laid in concentric rings enclosing a horizontal sundial made of slate. The plates, of slightly different dimension for each ring, were ingeniously transported on the trays of a bread van for individual hand impressions and returned for firing and glazing.

The gnomon was delivered direct to site; the 16 chapter ring segments went first to Midleton, Co Cork for engraving.

The sundial is a conventional horizontal dial, set for mean time taking account of longitude. It is primarily for Irish Summer Time (IST or UTC+1), as indicated by large Roman numerals on the outside of the chapter ring. Smaller Arabic numerals on the inside indicate Winter Time. The chapter ring is 500 mm wide. The gnomon is 100 mm wide and has a vertical height of 2 metres. Sundial diameter is 4.68 metres, and overall project diameter is 6.68 metres. Time graduations are at five-minute intervals. There are two mottos. “Connecting past history and ambition for the future” and in Irish “Ní neart go cur le chéile” (There is no strength without unity).